The following materials are available to enhance your Home Economy experience, enjoy!



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My Home Economy Program Guide

This guide is provided to outline the program and provide tips for created a successful Home Economy.

Tracking Tool

This tool allows you to track all aspects of your Home Economy (earning, spending, and saving) in one place.

Money ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100)

You can use this fake money as the currency of your Home Economy. Various denominations are included for your convenience.

Job Application

You can use this Job Application to introduce the concept of applying for a job and attaining skills to encourage resume building to your children.


You can use this Paycheck to provide to your children on pay day.

Bank Log

You can use this Bank Log to create an audit trail of the family bank's financials, which can be used if discrepancies arise in family member's bank accounts.

Rent Log

You can use this Rent Log to record whether or not each family member has maintained an on-time rent payment schedule.

Bank Slip

You can use this Bank Slip as a receipt for deposits or withdrawals from the family's bank and each family member's account balance.

Unpaid Rent Notice

While we don't recommend evicting children from your residence :), you can use this Unpaid Rent Notice to keep them accountable to their Rent Dues and implement any fines charged or privileges revoked.

Offense Log

You can use this Offense Log to keep your children accountable to their own behavior and decisions that have impacted them.

In addition to these materials, you may find materials from our parent site and program to be of value. They can be downloaded at My Classroom Economy.